For as long as I can remember I've wanted to record an album of my own music; like many guitarists I spend most gigs trying to impersonate a lot of famous players but I was always curious to find out what I really sounded like. Thanks to a misguided idea of what just one person is capable of (and an under-developed sense of 'bedtime') I've finally done it - 12 tracks of random nonsense freshly scraped from the inside of my mind and delivered in a handy digital package for your listening pleasure.

Buying from this site means that you get better quality 'Lossless' FLAC audio files as well as mp3s, and there's even a digital booklet of the album for download


You can pay by PayPal and will receive a download containing all of the files.

OR you could try one of these fine companies.

Please get in touch if you experience any difficulties or would rather get a CD copy!

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